| Oslo 18:30 – 23:55

Grafill Animasjon: Industry Beer at Misfornøyelsesbar

Animation friends, let's help Misfornøyelsesbar! You all know our friend Christopher Nielsen who has directed Norway's first CG. A couple of year's ago he invested all he had in the brilliant bar Misfornøyelsesbar. This gem has unfortunately faced some difficulties and is about to close.

To stop it from going bankrupt and leaving Christopher broke, we can all give a helping hand. How? Let's have the next Industry Beer there! Thursday, December 6th come have a beer, or three, at Misfornøyelsesbar to support this beautiful bar and our friend. Let's meet there from 18:30 on, be merry and happy together! Christopher will give the interested people an in depth tour of the bar . Book your calendars and pass on the news to your colleagues please!

Hope to see as many of you as possible there!

Torsdag 6. desember 2018
Storgata 36 J, 0182 Oslo