| AHO 13:00 – 15:00

AHO Guest Lecture: Sveinung Skaalnes - Who owns the future of design?

Technology used to be where the race too the future was set, where invention and innovation happened, and where consumers where won. Today, the access to technological resources, skills and tools is increasingly democratised and the battle for users happen on the user experience level.

As technological developments enable new ways to fullfil needs, expectations on the quality and relevance of products, services and experiences have never been higher. If there is more opportunity, for more people and companies to 'create and add value to peoples lives' than ever before - what does that mean for 'design'? What is the new role of the 'designer'? What is 'design' in the future?

As part of exploring these questions, Sveinung will share his experience from setting up and running the design incubator '30 Weeks', a collaboration between Google, Hyper Island and the leading design schools in New York City.

Sveinung Skaalnes is a learning strategist, designer and facilitator working on the intersection of education, technology and business. skaalnes.com

Dato: 20 september 2018
Tid: 13.00
Sted: AHO, Maridalsveien 29, Oslo

Free and open to all.

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