Saturday 2nd June 2018
Time: 07.30 - 08.30
Address: Vigelandsparken, Oslo
Tickets: Free

This is a fun and playful morning exercise to spark energy and creativity. The Vigeland Sculpture Park are full of great human sculptures. We have made an itinerary where we will run from sculpture to sculpture mimicking and holding the pose of the sculpture before running to the next one on our way to the monolith, a 14,2m tall sculpture with 121 figures carved into one single piece of granite.

Put on your fun exercise clothes and join us for a unique experience with focus on pose and play.

Saturday 2nd of June
07.30 - 8.15

Vigelands Sculpture Park
Meet at the Main Gate
Nobels gate 32, 0268 Oslo

To fulfil one of our basic needs like food, sleep, love etc moderate exercise help us to enjoy life more!

Free and open for all.