Friday 1st June 2018
Time: 07.30 - 08.30
Address: Frognerbadet, Middelthuns gate 28, 0368 Oslo (NB: new location!)
Tickets: 20 first festival swimmers get a free entrance

Meet up for a refreshing swim to kick off the festival weekend.

Put your alarm clock on, bring your swimming costume and a towel. Meet us at Frognerbadet and jump in. 

Friday 1st of June. 7.30 to 8.30

Middelthuns gate 28, 0368 Oslo

Because early birds are happy and chirpy. Multiple studies have shown taking showers and baths can spark creativity. So if you have a problem that needs an out-of-the-box solution, Harvard Psychology Lecturer Dr Shelley Carson recommends letting your mind wander while having your morning bath. And it is the 1st of June, if you have not already had your first bath this year, now is the time!

This event is free and open for everyone that loves swimming in the morning. Also for you that need a challenge or a different morning routine.