Leipzig Book Fair

The international book design competition was held on February 3 to 4 in the German National Library in Leipzig. The jury had to examine, compare and judge in a two days strongly concentrated atmosphere 540 books. On the second day the jury voted after extensive discussions for following 14 books, and following three books of the Norwegian Best Book selection were nominated for the short list:

Best Book Design from all over the World 2012

Anne Franks dagbok
Hyperactivitypography from A to Z
Svein Nyhus, Sånt som er

From  March 15 to 18, all of the 540 books have been on show in an exhibition at the Leipzig Book Fair – directly on our extensive stand (booth), the books mostly free accessible in shelves, but the valuably ones and those everybody would desire, locked in glass cases. Book lovers and especially in book design interested guest from near and far visited the exhibition to get an idea of contemporary book design in 31 different countries.