3. mai 2017, kl. 19:00

Grafill Tromsø: Design Disruptors - filmvisning (03.05)

— Design

Grafill Tromsø inviterer til gratis filmvisning!

3. mai klokken 19:00 til 20:15
Verdensteatret - Cinemateket i Tromsø
Storgt. 93b, Tromsø

The future of business is being written by companies and products that—intentionally or not— shake billion dollar industries. In Design Disruptors, enter the world of 15+ industry-toppling companies—valued at more than $1 trillion dollars combined—with one unifying secret advantage: the transformative power of design.

Design Disruptors reveals a never-before-seen perspective on the design approaches of these companies and how they are overtaking billion dollar industries through design.
Tens of thousands across the globe have seen DESIGN DISRUPTORS at screenings hosted in their local communities and by their favorite companies. See what the design world is buzzing about—view past events and find a screening near you.

Our crew has interviewed over 90 different design leaders at the world’s most disruptive and significant companies of our time to discover the true nature of the design-driven business revolution happening around the world.

The film is designed to be a series of snapshots into renowned designers’ secret worlds to demystify how the design choices they’ve made directly impact the viewer’s daily life.

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